CounterCurrent Festival 2015: "A Sculptural Installation and Film Work by Ibrahim Quraishi: Islamic Violins (ED. II)"

Photo courtesy of Robert Kluijver

Islamic Violins is an installation that contrasts grainy mini-video and saturated surround sound with the striking image of suspended violins. The "low-tech" explosion of violins and the survey of the debris created by the onslaught have the ugly noisiness of media interfering with the contemplation of beauty.

An homage to the Fluxus movement, which intended to free art from the boundaries of the institutions and the market, Islamic Violins is inspired by Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Turkish poetry's attempt to address the ideal of the beloved in its most untouched, perfected form. The violin, whose origins lie in Central Asia, stands for the ideal body and spirit in its perfectly symmetrical repetition, bringing about a meditative serenity and sepulchral, timeless beauty.

On view April 14-19. A reception will be held on April 15, 6-8 p.m.



CounterCurrent Headquarters at Flex Space
2608 Dunlavy St.
Houston, TX 77098


Admission is free.
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