Box 13 Artspace presents Las Girls Collective: "Landscape of Feet with Material" opening reception

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Box 13 Artspace presents Las Girls Collective: Landscape of Feet with Material
Photo courtesy of Box 13 Artspace

"Landscapes of Feet with Material" started as an experiment in texture, form, function and the female body. The idea was to create new landscapes using only the legs of female performers. Interesting patterns and new forms started emerging as we mixed the body with different materials, creating sculptures that stood on their own. These new sculptures have become fragments of form. By using photographs, physical textured objects and video clips, we are creating new relationships in identifying space and place.

"Landscapes of Feet with Material" is a mixed- media installation that uses experimental forms, site and the female body to recreate a space. These new sculptures and videos will invite the audience to immerse completely into a new fabricated space that will engage all of their senses. The installation is meant to distort the viewers reality and question new relationships of landscape and body.

Las Girls Collective is a mixed-media collaboration by Houston-based artists Daniela Antelo and Brenda Cruz-Wolf. Their work deals with issues of space, place, identity and site-specificity using video and mixed-media installations. Both Daniela and Brenda bring the strength of their individual practices to create an experimental experience by merging performance/movement with video production and editing. The effect is to submerge the viewer into an immersive experience of abstraction and eliminate any boundaries between viewer and space. Since 2015, Las Girls Collective they have shown their film work at various film festivals internationally, nationally and locally, been recipients of the HAA and the Midtown Houston Cultural Arts grants and have collaborated with various other artists in the Houston area. They continue to use Houston’s landscape and the female body as a source of inspiration to continue their practice.

Following the opening day, the exhibit will be on display through October 2.

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