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The Sisters of Charity Word founded Visitation House Ministries in 1985, based on the mission to respond to the needs and concerns of economically poor and vulnerable women and children. Visitation House began as a short-term emergency shelter, but after a time it became clear that it must expand in order to offer an alternative to the revolving-door aspect of shelter life.

In 1993, the Sisters transformed Visitation House into a transitional housing and education program. Through its focus on education, it successfully transitions women out of homelessness, prevents recurrent homelessness, and ensures community re-integration of the family. In 2006, the Mission was extended into the community with the opening of the Visitation House Women’s Learning Center, La Casita del Saber, to empower other women from the community at large through individualized education services.

Volunteers are always welcome, as are financial donations.

Summer Sojourn Gala Anniversary, the annual major fundraiser, is held in June, while the Posada celebration is in December. There is also a summer benefit concert.