Photo courtesy of Undies for Everyone
Undies for Everyone

Undies for Everyone provides underwear to underserved students, recognizing the importance of this basic need for a child's social and academic success leading to graduation. Since 2012, UFE has provided more than 2 million pairs of underwear to children in 16 cities across the U.S.

Head here for the latest volunteer opportunities — there multiple ways you can help:

  • Undies for Change: A team building volunteer opportunity. UFE sends supplies to your business, organization, event, or party.
  • One Click Undies: Host a virtual undies drive to help get more kids more undies.
  • Individual and family volunteering: Join for a two-hour shift in the air-conditioned UFE warehouse. You'll sort, pack, and sticker endless pairs of undies that will end up in underwear drawers around the country.
  • Group volunteering: Hands-on volunteering for groups of any size. Connect over a shared volunteer opportunity that helps members of your community.

Your time is always valued. If you'd like to help in other ways, though, you are welcome to donate money, donate undies, or shop their cool merch.