Photo courtesy of Trees for Houston
Trees for Houston

Trees For Houston is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to plant, protect, and promote trees. The organization initially focused its efforts on planting street trees in the heart of Houston, but as the city grew, so did the need for strategic, large-scale planting to counteract the impact of expansion on the region's tree canopy. As the only tree-planting organization of its kind in the region, Trees For Houston is the go-to organization for trees and information for other nonprofits, municipalities, and area residents.

While retaining street tree plantings is still a core element of its mission, Trees For Houston has methodically expanded its reach and now includes a wide variety of planting projects that range from esplanades and trails to parks and schools. Beyond the beauty that trees provide to communities, they also provide more vital functions such as filtering harsh pollutants form our air, providing energy conserving shade, controlling storm water runoff, and providing habitat for wildlife. Trees For Houston works to make sure all of Houston can reap those benefits.

Trees For Houston is able to get tens of thousands of trees in the ground each year thanks to the support of dedicated volunteers and members. Head here for more information on volunteering. For more information on how you can sponsor a planting, head here.

Trees For Houston's fundraising events include the annual Root Ball gala and the Annual Roots & Shoots Sporting Clays Classic. Both events benefit Trees For Houston directly and their mission to plant, protect, and promote trees.

Since 1983, members have made it possible for Trees For Houston to add over 570,000 trees and seedlings to parks, schools, streets, and other public spaces throughout the region. The need for green extends far beyond the city proper, so if you don't have a Houston address, don't let that stop you from becoming a member. Head here to view the membership levels. Unique benefits at each membership level include a 3-5 gallon pine or oak tree that will be made available during the peak planting season (November-March).

Trees For Houston also offers a young professional membership called RedBuds that includes social events, networking, and volunteer events.