Photo courtesy of HoustonCaseManagers.com

HoustonCaseManagers.com is a website that provides medical professionals and citizens with easy step-by-step guides on connecting people to community resources. Navigating social services or government agencies is difficult, which is why they have created guides to walk you through the process.

Whether someone is needing options for Houston housing, employment assistance, or has a mental health crisis, you will find guides to explain what to do and who to call in these situations.

Medical professionals: Go above and beyond to help those outside your organization understand exactly what you do. While many of us can perform our own jobs without much thought, those outside of our offices may need more clarification on what we do. Just be mindful of this.

Organizations: Email to let HCM know what services (health, housing, employment, etc.) you provide so that they can share this information with other professionals and citizens in the community.

Citizens: If you find articles that are helpful on our website, share those with others in the community. There are nonprofits out there that address nearly any problem you may encounter, so be sure to pass helpful information you find on to your neighbors and friends.