Courtesy of Coalition for the Homeless of Houston Facebook
Coalition for the Homeless of Houston

The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston Harris County is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide leadership in the development, advocacy, and coordination of community strategies to prevent and end homelessness. Although the Coalition does not provide any direct services to clients, it serves as the backbone organization to many other groups that do, serving those who serve the homeless through research, project management, system capacity building, and public policy.

The Coalition accepts general volunteers for projects, and community volunteers for major events such as the Houston Homeless Count that's conducted in January each year, and the Homeless In Memoriam held on or about December 21 each year. You are encouraged to volunteering with one of the region's many homeless service providers. Head here for an interactive map showing the names, locations, and contact information of Houston's homeless service providers. 

The Coalition for the Homeless of Houston Harris County's annual World Homeless Day Luncheon features a keynote speaker and includes the presentation of the annual World Homeless Day Awards, which are presented at the event to partner agencies and staff, community influencers, and formerly homeless individuals. This event aims to provide updates about the region’s progress toward solving homelessness.

Because education and advocacy is vital in addressing homelessness effectively, the Houston Harris County Continuum of Care is composed of several volunteer committees and networking/task groups which have various roles and responsibilities. To learn more, head here.