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Beautiful Purpose empowers women through Christian principles to live a purpose-filled life by creating a safe space for sharing, providing personal development workshops and leadership training, and by creating a woman-of-purpose community.

You can make a difference in the lives of other women by sharing your time and talents today. There are many opportunities waiting for you, and most are easy tasks related to specific events.

Share your Beautiful Purpose story. Consider which category your story aligns with (i.e. you overcame financial struggles, or pushed through being a single mom and still followed your dreams).

When you teach a workshop you are helping someone gain the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to live a life with purpose.

One of the best ways to grow in your life is to get connected. Participate in the next upcoming event to network and learn from like-minded women.

Donate — your support will help bring new training and services, and provide monthly social share support groups to empower women to live a purpose-filled life.

The Beautiful Purpose Leadership Retreat is a chance to relax, recharge, and grow in knowledge and purpose for your life. This is a time to surrender all your challenges, renew your energy, and allow God to transform your mind through His word. There are empowering workshops, breakout roundtable sessions focused on various areas in life, and engaging networking opportunities for attendees to share and connect.