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f.r.e.s.h. Young Professionals

f.r.e.s.h. is an action-oriented service organization consisting of socially conscious young professionals who are motivated to take action and bring awareness to the issue of hunger through fundraising, advocacy, social, and volunteer efforts.

To get involved in f.r.e.s.h., you can become a member, donate through the Houston Food Bank, or volunteer. 

In February, f.r.e.s.h. hosts its annual Mardi Gras Gumbo Cook Off.

The f.r.e.s.h. committees assists the f.r.e.s.h. board with planning, implementation, and execution of events and programs through the targeted areas of fundraising and membership. You can apply to be a f.r.e.s.h. committee member here or sign up here to become a f.r.e.s.h. member.