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Since 1964, Literacy Advance has provided free English and reading classes to adults in Houston with the goal of transforming lives and communities through the doorway of literacy. Reasons for wanting literacy classes are varied, but often involve family, jobs, or both. And whatever the reason, the aim is to find out each student's learning goals and provide them with the personalized and practical assistance to help them reach those goals.


Literacy Advance Houston has opportunities to volunteer as a tutor and in other ways. All volunteers need to register first. Head here for more information.

When is the last time you played Scrabble and formed a conga line or entered a costume contest for additional points or extra tiles? Chances are never — unless you've attended Literacy Advance of Houston's Scrabble in the City event in previous years.

Competitive grown-ups will enjoy zany Scrabble, hearty dinner bites, Saint Arnold's famous brews, and raffle drawings. The top prize? Mr. T, the coveted "Scrabble in the City" trophy, and a year's worth of bragging rights.