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Birthday Bash Box

Birthday Bash Box provides the gift of a personalized birthday celebration to children in the Greater Houston area. They do this while placing a special emphasis on literacy and social-emotional learning.

They work to make sure each child has a happy birthday.

Want to help a child celebrate their birthday?​ Register to volunteer with HISD Volunteer in public schools (VIPS) by heading here. Choose Foerster Elementary, and then on the third page, under "Affiliations, Functions, and Organizations" type "Birthday Bash Box." The process takes 2-3 weeks.

After you receive a confirmation from Reptorware, the HISD volunteer background check system, forward it to Volunteer@BirthdayBashBox.org. Then sign up for a volunteer shift by clicking here.

Or you can donate your special day, and turn a day that's meaningful to you into a day that could help someone else by asking for donations instead of gifts. A birthday, wedding, anniversary, or any other day can become a fundraising opportunity.

There are no signature events yet, but subscribe for email updates on the website or follow @BirthdayBashBox on Instagram to find out about future events.