Photo courtesy of Girls Empowerment Network
Girls Empowerment Network

Since 1996, Girls Empowerment Network has been helping girls discover that they are powerful. Through school-based programs, camps, events, workshops, and Spark Kits, Girls Empowerment Network ignites the power in girls ages 8-18 by teaching them skills to thrive and believe in their ability to be unstoppable.

The unique curriculum features six Cs — collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, coping skills, and confidence — that grows self-efficacy in girls. By growing each girl’s internal belief in herself, she knows she can accomplish her goals, recover from setbacks, and believe in her own voice and power. The nonprofit inspires girls to adopt a growth mindset, which has positive, lasting effects on girls’ health, well-being, relationships, and future achievement.

Girls can get involved by attending Girl Connect groups at their school, signing up for summer programs and camps, registering for workshops and events, participating in Spark Change Day, attending We Are Girls Conferences, and We Are Girls On the Road Assemblies. Additionally, they can join the Youth Ambassador Council to get involved with the Spark Change Project, request a Spark Kit, and engaging with the nonprofit online.

Educators can bring Girl Connect groups to elementary, middle, and high schools across Texas by getting in touch with Girls Empowerment Network. It sells bulk quantities of Spark Kits, based on the self-efficacy curriculum. The team also hosts We Are Girls On the Road Assemblies and We Are Girls Conferences to reach many girls all at once. There are professional development workshops for teachers and parents. Volunteers are invited to work with the nonprofit on a short- or long-term basis on their own schedules. Volunteers can join our network of relatable role models and professionals by signing up for the newsletter which shares the latest volunteer opportunities available.

It also recruits long-term volunteers who can commit to helping moderate weekly Girl Connect groups inside schools in Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio areas for a semester at a time. Girls Empowerment Network can customize volunteer opportunities for large groups and facilitate interactive workshops to help corporate teams learn more about how to empower girls, team build, and meet diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Girls Empowerment Network is a 501(c)3 organizations and accepts donations in any amount to be used toward its mission to help girls across Texas.

Girls Empowerment Network hosts We Are Girls Conferences and We Are Girls On the Road School Assemblies to bring the self-efficacy building curriculum to more girls at one time. There is also an annual Pathfinder Leadership Summit, a weeklong, college and career readiness program. Any girls interested in applying, should apply here. To learn more, connect with Houston Program Manager, Kameryn Sampson, at kameryn@girlsempowermentnetwork.org

The Girls Advocacy League supports Girls Empowerment Network in their mission while providing GAL members access to programming, too. The cost to participate is $10 a month or $100 per year.