Photo courtesy of Foundation for Teen Health
Foundation for Teen Health

The Foundation for Teen Health wants to prevent risky behavior that results in health and social issues for teens, such as pregnancy, substance abuse, HIV, and STI. These things often lead to withdrawal from school and restrict ability to find employment. The Foundation for Teen Health supports those who provide access to comprehensive healthcare, social services, and education, which gives age-appropriate tools for young people to make healthy choices to keep them in school and contributing members of the community. To reach these goals, the Foundation for Teen Health supports the works of the Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinics and other like-minded organizations that provide free services to indigent teens and young adults in Harris County, Texas.

The best way to become involved is to support the foundations' annual Hope for the Future event. Foundation for Teen Health is also looking for mentors for the Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinic Project Ascend. Ascend supports young adults 18-24 who want to pursue a healthcare career. This project offers workshops, case managers, mentors, and stipends to those who enroll in community college certification programs for a career in healthcare. To support the annual event and to find out more about Ascend, head here.

The annual Hope for the Future event happens every fall and includes a silent auction, food, fun, and festivities. To learn more, click here.