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Discover Fitness Foundation is a Houston-based nonprofit with a mission to improve the quality of lives for children with special needs, children fighting obesity, and talented athletes by inspiring them to participate in recreational and competitive-level gymnastics. The team promises to nurture potential, promote dignity, and support bold steps by all.

There are several ways to get involved: donate, join the young professionals group, or volunteer at the yearly gymnastics meet. You can also follow DFF on social media, sign up for the newsletter, attend the annual meeting, or join Reason2Race. To find out more, head here.

Discover Fitness Foundation hosts an annual meeting and a yearly gymnastics meet called the Texas Classic Gymnastics Invitational. One hundred percent of the proceeds go directly to the foundation. The event is a celebration the DFF's accomplishments of the year and it includes testimonials from participants, parents, and coaches. DFF also participates in Reason2Race where participants choose an event (running, cycling, swimming, etc.) to raise funds for the nonprofit.