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Fresh Arts champions local artists and creative entrepreneurs to succeed in the business of art. Its programs help advance the careers of local artists and creative entrepreneurs by complementing their artistic practices through carefully cultivated communities that facilitate shared resources, knowledge, experiences, and audiences. They achieve this through resource sharing, skill-building initiatives, and through our artist-centered communities programs.

Want to get involved with Fresh Arts? Start by tapping into Houston's freshest art scene every Tuesday with the Art on Tap event newsletter, powered by Fresh Arts. Text ARTONTAP to 22828 or sign up for program newsletters here.

Each year, Fresh Arts hosts one of the wildest and most beloved shindigs in town. Complete with zany costumes, live entertainment, dancing, an art auction, and light dinner and drinks, Fresh Arts' fetes are always memorable.

Whether celebrating shamed celebrities (The Black Ball) or runaway brides (The Ball n’ Chain), space invaders (The Space Ball) or Willy Wonka (The Gum Ball), Fresh Arts' creative fundraisers never fail to "wow" its guests. Most importantly, the annual gala is Fresh Arts' biggest fundraiser each year, raising between 15-20 percent of the organization's revenue.

Fresh Arts' membership program is designed to cultivate meaningful relationships between artists and arts organizations and those businesses and patrons who support their endeavors. Memberships start at $50 annually. To find the membership right for you, visit here.