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Snow cone vendor at Minute Maid Park is caught with his pants down

Snow cone vendor at Minute Maid Park is caught with his pants down

In this week's gag-inducing news, a snow cone vendor at Minute Maid Park was caught with his pants around his ankles — and his rainbow-flavored wares on the floor of a bathroom stall — on Monday.

We don't even want to think about the unspeakable things those summer treats went through behind closed doors. A disgusted Astros fan caught the blatant health code infraction on video, which he promptly handed over to KPRC Local 2.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This guy is taking a dump. There's no doubt about it. What sane person could possibly think, yeah this is a good idea. I'll just put the food that I'm about to sell on the floor," the whistleblower told the station.

Aramark, the hospitality company that contracts with the Houston Astros for concessions, fired the subcontractor immediately and issued a statement indicating that the "isolated incident was a clear violation of [its] food safety practices and is not reflective of [the company's] standards."

"The Astros share ARAMARK's view on the importance of food safety and will work with them to ensure that our fans have a safe and outstanding experience at Minute Maid Park," said Reid Ryan, the team's newly-installed president of business operations, in a statement. He applauded ARAMARK's quick termination of the snow cone dumper. 

"We also commend the fan for his vigilance in pointing out the inappropriate actions of the vendor," Ryan continued. "The Astros personally thanked him and advised him of the swift action taken in regard to the employee."

Watch the eyewitness video below:

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