New Montrose Burgers

Montrose mogul to open a new Houston burger spot that vows to stick to the classics: No trendy meat!

Montrose mogul opening a new burger restaurant that sticks to classics

Little Bigs in Montrose
Work has already begun to transform Little Bigs into The Burger Joint. Photo by Wolfgang Houston

Although it's only been a week since Reef chef/owner Bryan Caswell's slider joint Little Bigs made a move down Montrose to a not so little space in the Chelsea Market, the petite restaurant space at the corner of Westheimer and Montrose already has a new tenant. Montrose mogul Shawn Bermudez, who's known for Royal Oak, Boondocks, Pistolero's and recently opened Stone's Throw, will be opening the neighborhood's first dedicated burger restaurant there in the spring of 2015.

Known simply as The Burger Joint, the restaurant extends Bermudez's partnership with chef Matthew Pak, who already oversees the food trucks Koagie Hots and The Golden Grill. Bermudez's Instagram followers may have gotten a hint that something was up, as he's been busily posting pictures from a burger tour that's taken him to Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and New York. In a text, Bermudez told CultureMap what he's learned from his studies.

 Montrose lacks a dedicated burger joint, but the neighborhood doesn't lack for burgers. To compete, The Burger Joint will have to be special. 

"I noticed that burger culture has gotten away from a classic burger and fries. Some of the more foodie burgers that are out there are so big and so rich you can't bite them, let alone finish them," Bermudez writes. "We're going to bring a classic burger joint to Montrose.

"Obviously, with my partner Matthew Pak being such a creative chef, there will be some twists thrown in with different proteins, great fries and dipping sauces, classic sides with a twist and an ice cream element found at all classic burger restaurants." 

Beyond that, Bermudez isn't offering many details. However, construction has already begun to transform the space into whatever The Burger Joint will become.

As noted above, Montrose lacks a dedicated burger joint, but the neighborhood doesn't lack for burgers. Rudyard's, Hay Merchant, Lowbrow and a whole host of food trucks (among others) deliver high-quality burger options. To compete, The Burger Joint will have to be pretty special.

If Bermudez and Pak are able to apply the lessons of all that eating, that won't be a problem.