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The best French fries in Houston — when the "side" outshines the burger

The best French fries in Houston — when the "side" outshines the burger

News_Burger Guys_french fries
Burger Guys Photo by Steven Thomson
Green Seed Vegan, french fries
Green Seed Vegan's sweet potato fries rank up there with the city's best. Photo by Tyler Rudick
Niko Niko's, french fries
Niko Niko's Niko Niko's/Facebook
Ruthie, Petrol Station, french fries
Petrol Station Photo by Ruthie Johnson Miller
Hubcap Grill, hamburger, burger, french fries
Surround your juicy burger at Hubcap Grill with their great fries. Photo by Jodie Eisenhardt/Hubcap Grill/Facebook
News_Burger Guys_french fries
Green Seed Vegan, french fries
Niko Niko's, french fries
Ruthie, Petrol Station, french fries
Hubcap Grill, hamburger, burger, french fries

While French fries might be the greatest culinary invention since early humans developed agriculture, let's not kid ourselves . . . not all fries are created equal.

Lucky for us, Houston is a town infatuated with the hamburger — and with those grilled patties comes the almighty French fry. Without further adieu, here are 10 of the city's very best. 

Petrol Station

The fries at Oak Forest's Petrol Station are an absolute personal favorite, especially when topped with rosemary and feta. While they're wonderful on their own or with ketchup, be sure to ask for a side of mayo to get the full Petrol fry experience.

Green Seed Vegan

The sweet potato fry can be a tricky little side dish, ranging from too sweet and overly crispy to bland and flimsy. But leave it to vegan innovators Green Seed on Almeda to come up with what could be the best sweet potato fries in town. 

H-Town StrEATS

Gourmet food truck H-Town StrEATS is on the cutting edge of French fry R&D in Houston these days, offering up a thoughtful Parmesan and truffle oil option as well as beet fries . . . that's right, fries made of beets.


Korean fusion truck Coreanos elevates the French fry from an addictive side to an alluring main dish. Take the Three Wise Fries, for example — a plate of carefully-fried potatoes layered with grilled onions, marinated short rib, spicy chicken, twice-cooked pork belly and cheese.

Down House

While Down House's fries are spectacular in their own right, it's the locavore restaurant's homemade ketchup that puts them over the top. Do not miss.

Burger Guys

With five glorious homemade condiment options — three-herb ranch, chipotle aioli, salted caramel, ketchup and the mysterious-sounding C.J.B. — the Burger Guys enjoy one of the city's most loyal French fry followings. The secret? Duck fat . . . Sorry, vegetarians.

Hubap Grill

Ricky Craig's double-fried delights have become a Houston classic since the rabble-rousin' chef unleashed his beloved burgers on the city half a decade ago.

Little Bigs

Bryan Caswell's so-called "four-minute" fries are a favorite among Space City foodies. Pair them with a butterscotch milkshake to be transported to another dimension.

Niko Niko's

Bold and beautiful, the fries at Niko Niko's are spot on with just the perfect amount of Mediterranean spices. Plus, you get a chance to use all those amazing gyro condiments like tzatziki and tahini.

Hay Merchant

Hay Merchant takes on a Quebec culinary tradition with its own gourmet version on poutine, a plate of fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. The Montrose craft-beer haven replaces the curds with cheddar and adds a gravy made from bacon as well as house-picked peppers.