Major Restaurant Shakeup

Restaurant shakeup: Longtime French place to shutter and make way for an ambitious new Italian seafood spot

Longtime French restaurant to shutter and make way for seafood spot

Bistro des Amis exterior
Bistro des Amis will soon make way for Sud Italia Ristorante.  Bistro des Amis/Facebook
Sud Italia Ristorante logo
Sud Italia will specialize in seafood dishes. Sud Italia Ristorante/Facebook
Bistro des Amis exterior
Sud Italia Ristorante logo

A Tex-Mex restaurant in Uptown Park won't be the only new restaurant created by Lasco Enterprises' decision to open Anejo in the space previously occupied by Arturo's Uptown Italiano. Now longtime Arturo's general manager Shanon Scott is setting off on his own to open Sud Italia Ristorante, which will take over the space currently occupied by French restaurant Bistro des Amis in Rice Village.

"I've been in the restaurant business for 25 years," Scott tells CultureMap. "I feel that all my experiences has paved the way for me to now open my own concept."

Scott's looking for a quick turnaround. He assumes control of the building March 2 and hopes to be open in mid-April.

 "I've been in the restaurant business for 25 years. I feel that all my experiences has paved the way for me to now open my own concept."  

"I've always wanted to own my own restaurant. The location in Rice Village is perfect. The building is cozy and charming, so I couldn't pass it up," Scott says. "There is no other restaurant that I'm aware of in Houston that has a Southern Italian concept."

The concept of Southern Italian cuisine may conjure images of classic, Italian-American red sauce dishes, but Sud Italia will be something entirely differently.

"The menu will be solely focused on seafood and lighter dishes," Scott says. "All the ingredients and recipes are from the five regions of the south.

"I got the idea when my wife and I went to the region of Puglia last fall, where I tried dishes I had never had before and got excited."

Scott isn't ready to reveal a menu quite yet, but his successful track record bodes well for Sud Italia's future. Look for more details as the restaurant moves toward its opening.

Diners seeking one last taste of Bistro des Amis have until the end of the month to get their fix.