We don't ride horses to work

Jim Parsons explains Texas to clueless Hollywood types

Jim Parsons explains Texas to clueless Hollywood types

No one could imagine Sheldon Cooper, the brainy nerd on The Big Bang Theory, riding a horse to work. So why do some Hollywood types think that Jim Parsons was skilled in horseback riding when he lived in Houston?

Blame it on a tired Texas stereotype.

In the Sept. 10 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Parsons talks about the five things he loves the most. No. 4 is "Correcting people's misconceptions about Texas."

I try to explain, having grown up in the suburbs of Houston and having gone to (college) in Houston, done theater in Houston, it's a major city. I never rode a horse to work."

Houston's favorite actor, who recently won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, will appear on the Stand Up to Cancer telethon Friday night (7 p.m. on every major TV network and cable station). He also revealed that going to the Emmys was nerve wracking, his quasi-love interest in the show, Mayim Bialik (Blossom), is "so darn smart," and that he has played the piano "off an on" his entire life. 

I do think I have an affinity for classical music. Not only is it beautiful, but I enjoy the melodic complication of it. It's a problem to be solved, and I enjoy that puzzle."

Yet another thing, outsiders wouldn't expect a Texan to do.

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Jim Parsons accepts an Emmy as best lead acting in "The Big Bang Theory." Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images