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Drug bust doesn't stop a Houston rapper — the concert goes on despite some TMZ moments

Drug bust doesn't stop Houston rapper — the concert goes on with Bun B

It's not usually good news when you're caught on camera by TMZ. Just ask Houston rapper Riff Raff.

He and two friends were captured on tape as police officers in North Carolina allegedly found drug paraphernalia, marijuana and "some sort of powerful narcotic" in their car. And of course, the video found its way to TMZ.

At about 2:30 a.m. last Saturday, Riff Raff and his cronies stopped their car in the middle of a street to talk to pedestrians when they were approached by Greensboro, N.C. police. The cops allegedly saw an open container of alcohol, which triggered a full search of the vehicle. Riff Raff was arrested for drug possession along with two passengers. He was released without bail the next morning. 

The 31-year-old Riff Raff was born Horst Christian Simco and grew up in Houston.

Currently signed on to the Mad Decent record label, Riff is touring the country to promote for the release of his new album Neon Icon.

And he wasn't going to let a little legal trouble stop him from performing in his hometown with Houston rap legend Bun B. He and Bun B hit the stage at Kingspoint Mullet as planned last night.