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Daily Show's Lewis Black messes with Texas Gov. Perry and gets the last laugh

Lewis Black messes with Texas Gov. Perry and gets the last laugh

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a busy fellow. When he isn't making headlines for supporting the most restrictive abortion bill in the country, he's filming television and radio ads to steal jobs from other states. Or at least that's the way comedian Lewis Black tells it.

On the Wednesday night's episode of The Daily Show, Black took Perry to task for a recent advertisement aired in New York that urged entrepreneurial residents to come to Texas. 

"When it comes to politicians, you might say I'm not a huge fan. But as a comedian, there's one guy I've come to love: Gov. Rick Perry of Texas," Black says before playing a clip of Perry fumbling over what three government agencies he'd eliminate if elected president. 

Perry has run ads in Illinois, California and New York touting low regulations in Texas and slamming those states for anti-business policies. Black thinks it's a pretty odd approach. 

"Rick Perry is taking out ads in other states to tell them how much they suck," Black says. 

Turnaround is fair play, so Black filmed a commercial of his own. It features Big Tex in a most unflattering light and even takes aim at Texas' baseball teams and food scene. Black also recruited a diverse crowd of New Yorkers to curse at the Lone Star State in various languages. Black clearly has no problem messing with Texas.



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Rick Perry touts Texas' business friendliness every chance he gets.