Saturday night is the last night

Turn out the flashing lights: Scott Gertner's Skybar is closing

Turn out the flashing lights: Scott Gertner's Skybar is closing

Scott Gertner has told patrons that he is closing his Montrose Skybar after Saturday night. And it's not for lack of popularity.

The bar atop the 10-story 3400 Montrose building is a neighborhood fixture, with flashing lights and R&B sounds cascading from the open terraces. It continues to draw a well-dressed, largely African-American crowd Wednesdays through Saturdays; the line to take elevators to the penthouse bar often stretches outside the lobby doors. Hispanics also fill the bar on Thursdays for Latin night and the dancing is fierce.

Gertner told Isiah Carey's Insight website that he's closing because the building's owner "is not making the needed repairs."

On Gertner's website, the three-time Grammy nominee said he is looking for a new larger location for his Skybar. But it will be hard to find a building with a better view of the Houston skyline. Longtime Houstonians remember that before Gertner took over the space in 1999, it was a bar named Cody's.

Gertner's other club, Scott Gertner's Sports Bar on Fountainview will remain open.

Scott Gertner's Skybar and Grill June 2010
Scott Gertner's Skybar is closing this weekend. Courtesy photo