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Legendary Houston DJ gets national spotlight in new Spotify podcast series

Legendary Houston DJ gets national spotlight in Spotify podcast series

DJ Screw
DJ Screw gets the national treatment in this six-part series.  Photo by IYO Visuals

With June 27th — aka DJ Screw Day — just around the corner, Spotify/Gimlet Media’s hip-hop podcast Mogul will be celebrating the life and legacy of the late, Houston-rap pioneer in its latest season, premiering Wednesday, June 23.

The third season of this podcast, where host Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins delves into hip-hop’s most iconic moments, will chronicle the story of Robert Earl Davis, Jr.

That reclusive DJ created his own genre — Chopped and Screwed — by slowing music down until it sounded like syrup coming out of your speakers.

This six-episode season will dive into the world of Screw (who passed away in 2000) and his signature slowed-down, syrupy hip-hop sound, the rise of his mixtape (the hottest rap commodity in Houston in the late ’90s), his struggles with addiction, and his seclusion after the death of a close friend.

Paul Wall, Bun B, and Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.) members Lil’ Flip and Lil’ Keke are a few of the H-Town, hip-hop heavyweights interviewed for this season. (Editor’s note: The writer of this article was also interviewed.) 

Mogul will also explore how Houston-born artists like Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, and Beyoncé represent Screw’s inescapable influence on pop and rap in the music scene today.

For more information, visit the show’s Spotify page here.