You're cut off!

Erica Rose lands in princess rehab, reveals self-produced Jewish dating show concept

Erica Rose lands in princess rehab, reveals self-produced Jewish dating show concept

You're Cut Off!, the new VH1 reality show spotlighting Houston's Erica Rose and eight other pampered debs, hits TV waves Wednesday night.

Rose will be jetting to New York today to celebrate the launch with reality TV roomies and Tri-State divas, Jackie and Pam. The girls (and their publicists) have selected The Palms as a screening venue and Meatpacking District club, Griffin, for the pilot's after-party. While in New York, Erica will also be interviewing with Inside Edition and Vanity Fair editor of creative development, David Friend (who was completely taken with her at a Houston benefit dinner last week).

Last week, Rose was in Los Angeles to work on her own installment of E! True Hollywood Story. Erica will be back in Houston on June 16 for a Cut Off party in the VIP section at downtown's Lucky Strike (a move from the previously planned party fundraiser at Masraff's).

Having viewed the first episode of You're Cut Off!, Erica says, "I was happy with how I came off. I was just being myself.

"I like the new image — it's me."

The program's editors neglected to mention Rose's enrollment in law school, but she recognizes that it may be a topic in future episodes.

"I think this is a lot different from when I was on The Bachelor," she explains. "I think that once all the haters out there take the time to watch the show, then they'll like me more."

Whereas Erica took center stage in The Bachelor for her princess antics, a caustic contestant named Gia makes a failed attempt at queen bee in the first installment of Cut Off (currently on preview at In the episode, Rose's proposals of clearing the air and extending a friendship with Gia are met with threats of violence.

"She really is a bitch," Erica explains to CultureMap, "After eight weeks of living with her, I couldn't find any redeeming qualities. I think she was acting that way to get her own spinoff reality show."

While the girls struggled desperately with their newfound middle-class lives, Erica broke the ice by breaking into the home's stash of boxed wine, performing wine stem tricks and distributing tiaras (all in a French maid's costume, of course). She comes out with some classic quotes: "I definitely think my dog Shayna is psychic," "My mom comes up on screen, and all I can think is, 'What is she wearing?'" and "I don't know how to make a bed."

Yet by the end of the episode, Erica shows her true colors and reveals the complex constructs of a family founded on reconstructive surgery.

As for her next step, Erica says she's planning to do a third reality show — but this time, it will be on her own terms. "My goal after this is to have my own dating show where I'm picking the people," she explains, "And it will only be Jewish guys."

"It's definitely hard to find a nice Jewish boy in Houston — this isn't New York or LA," laments Rose, "But also, everyone knows me in Houston, so it's hard to find people who will be totally open."

Rather than relying on a network for approval, she aims to self-produce the new program. "I've had it in my head for a long time," she says, "I want to be on the other side of the fence this time around. Also, I don't like to play games with guys and deal with the problems of dating. I'm really happy with my life right now and feel that I've become very evolved, so this is a logical next step."

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Erica Rose's portrait for "You're Cut Off" Courtesy of VH1
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The cast of "You're Cut Off," including Houston's own Erica Rose (fourth from left) Courtesy of VH1