A Big Bang for H-Town

Jim Parsons wins a best actor Golden Globe, brings Houston humility to Kaley Cuoco's freakout

Jim Parsons wins a best actor Golden Globe, brings Houston humility to Kaley Cuoco's freakout

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Jim Parsons added another big honor to his growing list at the Golden Globes.

When Jim Parsons took the stage to accept his Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series — Comedy or Musical, you just knew that Parsons' Houston humility would go with him.

And The Big Bang Theory star didn't disappoint. After accepting the award from his series co-star Kaley Cuoco — a very freaked out and overwhelmed Cuoco — Parsons turned in one of the more endearing speeches of the Golden Globes. He managed to reference both Big Bang Theory's surprising transformation into a TV superpower ("You go from wondering if CBS is going to put the show on the air ...") and his nephew's birthday party (giving a shout-out sorry for missing it — to be at one of Hollywood's biggest awards shows).

But Parsons was at his best when he thanked The Big Bang Theory's writers (something many actors neglect to do) and accidentally called them "My writers" at first reference.

"My writers," Parsons repeated. "How crass. The truth comes out."

The truth is that Parsons is raking in a ton of long overdue recognition. He won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series last August. Alec Baldwin has been trumped by Houston's boy in both the Emmys and the Golden Globes now.

Parsons is also quick to remember his ties to Bayou City acting. He helped found Houston's Infernal Bridegroom Productions (IBP), performing in 18 plays with the group. Parsons graduated from Klein Oak High School and the University of Houston.

He came back to Houston to give back last spring, serving as the featured guest at a fundraiser for Catastrophic Theatre, the Houston theater company that succeeded IBP.

But mostly, Parsons shows he's a Houstonian by the grace he displays on the big stage when major awards come his way.