Houston's Most Eligible Bachelors, Bachelorettes

Houston's Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes: The 10 hottest singles in the Bayou City

Houston's most eligible collage February 2014
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Houston most eligible Amber Willis by Al Torres February 2014
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most eligible Heather Foley February 2014
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most eligible Houston February 2014 Sejal Patel by Ashley Harmon
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most eligible Houston February 2014 Stephen Morgan
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most eligible Houston February 2014 Megan Patterson
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Houston most eligible February 2014 Lawrence Clayton
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most eligible Houston February 2014 Steve Sharma of El Big Bad and El Gran Malo
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CultureMap's rounded up Houston's Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes based off of reader nominations and write-ins.

More than just a pretty smile, these local singles represent different backgrounds, are active in the community and have compelling interests.

Houston is full of irresistible singles. For the next edition of Houston's Most Eligible, write in and nominate your favorite. Email us at info@culturemap.com.






Name: Amber Willis
Occupation: TV News Producer, KPRC
Age: 32
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 5’7”
Hails from: Beaumont, Texas

This hotshot TV producer moved to Houston 10 years ago to work at KPRC Channel 2. Witty and fun-loving, Willis loves cooking and baking, and her worst habit, if you can call that, is not being able to say no to those who need help.

• Ideal mate: He's a kind, giving person who can make me laugh.
• Have you met anyone famous? I've met several celebrities through my job. But, the encounters I treasure most were with Former President Bush (41 & 43) and Governor Rick Perry. Each time I found a way to embarrass myself.
• You can't help but spend money on: Cocktail dresses and evening wear. I’m like a raccoon — I love shiny things!
• If you could change something about the world, what would it be? I know I should give a beauty queen answer, but I want a world with a better work ethic.
• Phobias: I’m afraid of failure.
• Relationship deal breakers: If you’re unmotivated, that’s a deal breaker.
Would you rather regret doing something, or not doing it? I live by the saying, “Shoot first, ask questions later.”
• Your best characteristic: The voices in my head tell me I’m hilarious.
• Your first famous crush: Neil Patrick Harris from Doogie Howser, MD. Guess I never really had a shot.
• What kid were you in high school? I was a nerd in high school . . . so I graduated early so I could move on to college.

Name: Chad Pitt
Occupation: Radio and Television Personality
Age: 34
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Height: 5’11
Hails from: Richmond, Virginia

Detailing cars and selling Christmas trees were some of Pitt's first jobs. It's a far cry from his current position as a hit DJ at Houston's Mix 96.5.

Warm, friendly and easy to talk to, his career in radio seems custom fit. Of how he got his start, Pitt says, "One day I stumbled into a local Top 40 radio station and 18 years later, here I am." He adds jokingly, “I keep telling myself I’ll get a real job one day.”

• Ideal mate: My ideal mate is someone who is confident, respectful, adventurous, and goal oriented with a sense of humor. To me, humor is the most attractive quality anyone can offer. I believe it helps build a strong foundation, allowing everything else to fall into place.
• Hobbies: Does eating count?
• Biggest turn off: I'm not a fan of being over confident or name dropping.
• The scariest thing you've ever done: I rappelled off a 22-story building for charity.
• Pet peeves: People who are late or ask how they look all the time.
• Do you have any tattoos or piercings? No, I hate needles and am too indecisive to get a tattoo.
• Your best characteristic: People say I’m witty and usually have a quick comeback. It’s rare that I’m ever speechless.
• If you were given the day off from all of your everyday responsibilities, how would you spend it? I’d fly to Orlando and spend the day eating and drinking Around the World at Disney’s Epcot Center.
• What kid were you in high school? The ‘big boned’ kid with bad acne and braces. Not exactly the most popular, but I had a lot of ambition. While others were out partying, I was focused on my career.

Name: Heather Foley
Occupation: Worker's Compensation Claims Adjuster
Age: 31
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 5' 8"
Hails from: Prescott, Arizona

“I was born and raised an Arizona desert rat, but moved to Houston (nine years ago) and quickly fell in love with the scene. I'm a big fan of this city,” Foley states enthusiastically.

The vivacious and outgoing Foley is looking for a guy who is kind, witty, active and driven to live life to the fullest.

• Worst habit: I bite my nails when I feel scared/nervous/sad/anxious.
• Hobbies: Doing anything active with my friends.
• Biggest turn off: Snobbishness.
You can't help but spend money on: Travel.
If you could change something about the world, what would it be? "Harsher punishment for parole violators, and world peace." ~ Miss Congeniality. I'm kidding. I think it would be a step in the right direction if everyone at least made a little more of an effort to be kinder to one another.
• The scariest thing you've ever done: I'll stand dangerously close to the edges of tall things in the name of getting a good photo. I guess I don't partake in too many scary things.
• Pet peeves: The humblebrag.
• Relationship deal breakers: Someone I can't depend on. And who can't see another's point of view.
• Your first famous crush: Charles from Charles in Charge.
• What kid were you in high school? The diplomat.

Name: Slade Ham
Occupation: Stand-up Comedian/Writer
Age: 37
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Height: 6’ 1”
Hails from: Beaumont, Texas

This Houston resident, and stand-up comedian, has performed in 26 countries on four continents. It stands to reason that his match is a girl who is up for travel and adventure.

He remarks, “I’ve become a pretty avid mountain biker in the past year, but most of my hobbies are dependent on where I am at the time. I book a week in Colorado every year just for the climbing. This past month I went swimming with sea turtles off the coast of Okinawa and diving in the Red Sea. I’ll do anything I think might turn out fun.”

• Ideal mate: She's incredibly easy going and not in need of “fixing.” You have to know who you are and what you want without me in the picture. A relationship should augment the things you choose to create, not be the foundation that they’re built on.
• Biggest turn off: People who know how hot they are and act like it entitles them to something. Your physical appearance is the one thing you had virtually no input on. Being good looking is not an excuse to be an ***hole.
• You can't help but spend money on: I’m a sucker for bookstores. I have to clear out my shelves constantly to make way for new stuff.
• Pet peeves: People who can’t merge on freeways, sparkly vampires, Radiohead, people who don’t have any actual pictures of themselves on Facebook, those sad dog commercials with Sarah McLachlan, hipsters.
• Would you rather regret doing something, or not doing it? Definitely doing it. Always. I pretty much have a master’s degree in ****ing up, and I haven’t made one unfixable mistake yet.
• Your best characteristic: I hate trying to pick out things I like about me. I do know that comedy forces you to be a multi-step thinker. You can’t just go with the obvious punch line/angle, and how I do my job translates into how I view the world. I try to approach everything I see/do/experience from as many different directions as possible. I think that helps me be more open to other people and their points of view.

Name: Sejal Patel
Occupation: Pediatric Nurse
Age: 26
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'7''
Hails from: Croydon, England

Patel, one of five girls including a twin sister, moved to Texas with her family at the age of three. Easy going, Patel says of herself, “I laugh easily and live for the small things.”

Patel gives back to the community by volunteering at the SPCA and the Houston Food Bank. And through Achilles International, she serves as a guide for disabled people who want to do marathons and races.

• Ideal mate: He knows what he wants, is fun to be around and makes me laugh.
• Worst habit: Driving on an empty gas tank and online shopping.
• Hobbies: Trying new places to eat and shopping.
• Biggest turn off: Clingy guys. I can't.
You can't help but spend money on: Starbucks.
• The scariest thing you've ever done: Run a marathon.
• Phobias: Drowning and cockroaches.
• Pet peeves: Lying and excessive laziness.
• Relationship deal breakers: Smoking and bad teeth.
• Would you rather regret doing something, or not doing it? Doing something. Life goes on.
• Your best characteristic: My sense of humor and positivity.
• Your first famous crush: Seth Cohen from the OC.
If you were given the day off from all of your everyday responsibilities, how would you spend it? Sleeping in and taking a relaxing "me" day at the Houstonian.
• What kid were you in high school? The one who was friends with everybody.

Name: Stephen Morgan
Occupation: Vice President at TransTex Hunter
Age: 29
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 6’2”
Hails from: Houston, Texas

Although Morgan stays busy thanks to a big job in the energy industry, he still takes time out to relax. His hobbies include fishing, hunting and golfing.

Morgan also makes time for volunteer work. He’s involved with several local charitable organizations.

• Ideal mate: She’s a girl who is confident, ambitious and has a great sense of humor. Being passionate about one’s involvement with the community and with one’s family are also important. Good looks sure don’t hurt.
• Biggest turn off: Bad teeth and poor manners.
You can't help but spend money on: I have an online shopping problem. I have an embarrassing number of boxes show up to my house on a weekly basis.
• Phobias: Snakes, and it doesn’t matter what kind or how big. A grass snake will put me into a full sprint.
• Pet peeves: Flakiness. When you commit yourself to doing something, big or small, do it and don’t make excuses. Also a pet peeve, people who use “like” every other word.
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? No way.
• Would you rather regret doing something, or not doing it? That’s a pretty broad question, but generally speaking I would probably opt to do it and regret it later than never doing it at all. You can always learn from a mistake, you’ll never learn from sitting on the sidelines.
• Your best characteristic: Is this a job interview? Next question.
• Your first famous crush: That’s a no-brainer. Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell.

Name: Megan Patterson
Occupation: Medical Device Sales Rep
Age: 28
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'5"
Hails from: Buffalo, New York

“I was born in Buffalo, but grew up in a small west Texas town where I had 24 in my graduating class. It was definitely a transition going from a small town to attending The University of Texas at Austin,” says the bubbly Patterson.

In yet another big transition, Patterson moved to Houston for a job in sales. She elaborates, “I didn’t know anyone here and had never set foot in this city. It was a massive adjustment for me, but I'm so happy I did it. I love Houston!”

• Ideal mate: I love a man who is thoughtful, ambitious, can make me laugh, and is spontaneous.
• Hobbies: I love to travel. I work hard to play hard.
• Have you met anyone famous? The Los Angeles Angels baseball team was staying at my hotel once and I got to meet their right fielder, Tori Hunter. I've also met Matt Lauer of the Today Show. I'm obsessed with him, so when he threw up the Hook 'Em Horns sign after meeting me, I wanted to die.
You can't help but spend money on: Concerts. It doesn't matter if it's a small venue like the Woodlands Pavilion or the Toyota Center, live music rocks.
• Pet peeves: When people waiting for the elevator walk on before the people in the elevator can get off. Why? What's the rush?!
• Relationship deal breakers: If my family doesn't like him, I don't like him. My family loves everyone, so if they don't like you, there must be something seriously wrong.
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? I have a Longhorn tattoo on my left wrist. Hook 'Em!
• Your first famous crush: JTT (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) from Home Improvement. Wow, I was in love.
• What kid were you in high school? I was the responsible, straight-A athlete.

Name: Lawrence Clayton III
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Realtor and Trader
Age: 39
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Height: 6’4”
Hails from: Meridian, Mississippi

This Houston transplant, the oldest of five boys, comes from a close-knit family in Mississippi. A great sense of humor, wit and friendliness are just a few of Clayton's endearing qualities. Friends would add easygoing and charming.

• Ideal mate: She simply wants to be happy, not perfect. Anything can be resolved if two people really want to put the other first, talk, love and respect the other.
• Worst habit: I’m distracted easily and can be scatterbrained.
• Hobbies: Playing guitar, cooking and writing.
• The scariest thing you've ever done: Becoming a dad to a little girl. Need I say more?
• Phobias: Needles. Seriously, I hate them. I won’t even watch scenes with them.
• Pet peeves: Not returning phone calls. Wait, who calls people nowadays? Not returning texts.
• Relationship deal breakers: Smoking and complaining. Complaining is definitely a big red flag to me. I try to always laugh, stay positive and appreciate life.
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Yes, I got a tattoo while I was in college. My mom was pretty upset when she found out. I thought she was going to kill me.
• Your best characteristic: I’m pretty forgiving. We all mess up and I’m sure I’ll do something really stupid soon, so I'd better forgive you.
• Your first famous crush: Michelle Pfeiffer. I’m still a sucker for her. The eyes and lips get to me. Stunning.
• What kid were you in high school? I was the small, shy, quiet kid. And I was a momma's boy. I didn’t grow until college. I came home and my parents' jaws nearly dropped at how much I’d grown.

Name: Dr. Brittany Elizabeth King
Occupation: Veterinarian
Age: 31 years young
Zodiac sign: Cancer crab. Chinese = the dog (how appropriate?!)
Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
Hails from: Arlington, Texas

A local veterinarian, and mom to Hank, a Scottish terrier rescue dog, King has a big heart for animals. So much so that she swam the English Channel to help raise funds for pets in need.

As if the swim wasn’t challenge enough, King has also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and competed in a full 140.6 mile Ironman — plus five marathons on seven continents.

• Ideal mate: He's a selfless, Christian, kind-hearted, intelligent man with a positive outlook on life, who can laugh. He strives to give back to this world in a positive way.
• Hobbies: Painting and writing children's books. I completed my first book (my dog Hank is the hero of the series) and am speaking to publishers about it.
• Biggest turn off: Selfishness.
• Have you met anyone famous? Willie Nelson. He autographed my longneck. And I’ve also met Michael Phelps, whom I swam with at the US Nationals in 2000. He autographed my Gatorade water bottle.
You can't help but spend money on: Deep tissue massages and reflexology.
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Yes, ha! But it has meaning. I have a very small "AU" tattooed on my lower back that represents winning the NCAA Division I, swimming national champions, women's team, Auburn, 2002.
• Your best characteristics: Empathy and an adventurous spirit.
• Your first famous crush: Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans.
• What kid were you in high school? The Orch Dork.  I played the violin in the school's orchestra, studied constantly and swam on the swim team. 

Name: Steve Sharma
Occupation: Restaurateur
Age: 36
Zodiac sign: Libra
Height: 6'4"
Hails from: Sacramento, California

In Houston for 10 years, Sharma wasted no time getting to down to business — three to be exact. Sharma put his entrepreneurial skills to use with restaurant/bar ventures including El Big Bad, El Gran Malo and Dirt Bar.

Being around different types of people on the job is a constant, and a perk. He states, “I love hosting and storytelling. And I love hearing a good story, too.”

• Ideal mate: She’s confident, comfortable in any situation and can talk to anyone. She’s kind to strangers and to people from whom she has nothing to gain. She can do museums and fine dining one day, and a movie and a pub another. She’s driven and has her own friends and things going on.
• Biggest turn off: Laziness.
• Have you met anyone famous? I'm impressed by people who are not celebrities. I've met lots of musicians at Dirt Bar. Many of them are great people.
You can't help but spend money on: My daily cup of coffee at Catalina Coffee.
• The scariest thing you've ever done: Backpacking through Europe solo for a summer.
• Pet peeve: Rude people.
• Relationship deal breaker: Being inconsiderate, especially of my limited free time.
• Your best characteristic: Kindness.
• Your first famous crush: Kelly Kapowski. I've heard she's been to El Gran Malo a few times.
If you were given the day off from all of your everyday responsibilities, how would you spend it? Hanging around the house catching up on laundry and watching a movie. Traveling if I get more than one day.
• What kid were you in high school? The quiet one.