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Winter storm watch: Drone video shows Harris County homes blanketed by ice

Winter storm watch: Drone video shows Harris County blanketed by ice

Houston drone footage ice on roofs ABC-13
Resident Luke Abrahams captured icy imagery via his drone.  Photo by Luke Abrahams

Editor's note: Our content partner, ABC-13/The Eyewitness News weather team, is closely monitoring the Winter Storm Warning for our area. Look for live updates and video all day. 

No one would blame you for mistaking these images of snow white rooftops from somewhere up north.

But new drone video from north Harris County is giving us a birds-eye view of one community after the region was gripped by the winter storm.

Resident Luke Abrahams captured these incredible images showing slick roads and a dusting of white over homes and lawns alike.

At these heights and in this hazy shade of winter, only the cool blue hues of frigid swimming pools that appear from street to street seem to pop out.