Ensemble Theatre presents Djembe and the Forest of Christmas Forgotten

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This new musical fairytale takes us to the imaginative and colorful kingdom of Abahu where it's time for the Royal Christmas Festival (a 200-year-old tradition). Every year the Call of Christmas is followed by the playing of the djembe (African drum) where everyone is gathered in the festival square.

Trouble ensues when a curse by the king's twin sister and keeper of the mistletoe has befallen the kingdom. The curse brings chaos and struggle and leaves the drum lost in the forest of Christmas forgotten. Fourteen years later, the king's daughter, Princess Binah and her friend Nika head out on a journey to find the drum, save the kingdom and restore the true spirit of Christmas.

Featured cast members include: Christina Alfred, Lauren Bogany, Roenia Thompson, Taylor Nelson, Timothy Eric, Detria Ward, Ron Johnson, Anthony Bogess-Glover, Tranice Shelton, Crystal Sharadin, Silvanus La'Toison, Larry Cooper and Sara Gray.



Ensemble Theatre
3535 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002


$28 - $55
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