Bayou City Theatrics presents Children of Eden

Photo courtesy of Bayou City Theatrics

Children of Eden is an epic musical adventure with an awe-inspiring score by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippen, Godspell) and a captivating book by John Caird. Taking traditional Biblical stories from the book of Genesis and looking at them in an entirely new way, Children of Eden examines the loving, and often tumultuous, relationship between parents and their children.

A chorus of Storytellers, young and old, take us on a journey back to the beginning of all things, when Father (Laz Estrada) creates the heavens and the earth, as well as the first two “children,” Adam (Luke Hamilton) and Eve (Hannah Morgen). He creates a beautiful paradise for them called “Eden.” In Eden, Adam and Eve face temptation and begin to question Father, specifically about the forbidden tree of knowledge. After disobeying Father and eating the fruit from the tree, the pair is exiled to the wilderness, where Eve gives birth to children of their own; Cain (Colton Berry) and Abel (Ryan Frenk) and the conflict and turmoil of the second generation soon becomes insurmountable.

Generation after generation passes, and the Storytellers have another tale to tell: Noah and the Great Flood. As Noah (Hamilton) builds the ark and prepares for the flood, he and Mama Noah (Morgen) are having family troubles as well. Their youngest son, Japheth (Berry), has fallen in love and intends to marry a servant girl of undesirable lineage, Yonah (Nicole Vazquez). The troubles continue as Father sends down rain and begins the flood. Noah’s family huddles together on the ark, uncertain of their future, and prays for redemption, love, acceptance, and hope.

Utilizing innovative stage craft, choreography, and design, Bayou City Theatrics brings together local professional performers and talented students from its bctEDU program in a concert-style production that is sure to delight audiences of all ages.



The Kaleidoscope
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