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Visionary Heights, Inc.

Visionary Heights, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that started in September 2014 as Creative Heights Houston. They serve the creative arts, launching creative expression through inspiration, education, and participation. They are committed to creating a new artistic culture where success is readily attainable, by providing events, programs, and services designed to have both aspiring and professional artists take their love of the arts to the next level.

Become a member of the community and participate in the art exhibits, concerts, master classes, and community gatherings. By donating $250 or more, you support the creativity of the visual artists and musicians they serve, and will generate powerful change in one or more musician's lives by giving them the ability to continue their career.

By making a corporate donation of $2,500 or more, or with gifts-in-kind, you get to support your community and the arts in Houston and increase your visibility to the Heights community.

Become a patron volunteer and assist in making Visionary Heights Houston's next up-and-coming arts incubator. By providing back-office support; setting up before and after events; or identifying potential partners, patrons, musicians, and artists, you will empower their mission to create a unique community that embraces the creative spirit, and you will leave with the sense of making a difference.

Monthly art shows feature a local emerging Houston artist, while concerts feature local or international performers. The Gatherin' is a monthly community gathering held every third Sunday with musicians, poets, and storytellers.

Become a monthly subscription patron. This subscription can be assigned to a special project or to funding a master class, concert, or special event, or to operating costs. In return, you can design a package of benefits that best suits your creative lifestyle.