• Amy Tan will kick off the 30th anniversary of the Inprint Margarett Root BrownReading Series Monday night
  • Salman Rushdie will return to the Inprint series in December. The last time heappeared, in 2001, he was met with protestors.
    Photo by Rachel Eliza Griffiths
  • One of the most popular Inprint authors was Bill Bryson, who filled CullenTheater at the Wortham Center in 2009 when he talked about his book aboutShakespeare
  • Rich Levy has directed Inprint for the past 15 years
    Photo by Felix Sanchez

  • The mysteries of family history — and how to uncover it — is covered in ShakingThe Family Tree.
  • Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt had a complex relationship to put it mildly.
  • The Help examines a time when African-American women were expected to raise thekids without living in the house.
  • Christopher Hitchens — arguably the world's best known atheist — has a new booktoo.

  • The Kindle hasn't taken over for books just yet.
  • Andrea White is down with the Kindle, Bill White ... not so much.
    Kim Bonner
  • Annise Parker prefers reading the old fashioned way.
    Photo by Shelby Hodge
  • Rice professor Justin Cronin's The Passage is on a ton of summer reading lists.