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Lyft delivers free rides to tipsy Houstonians on Cinco de Mayo with new program

Lyft delivers free rides to tipsy Houstonians on Cinco de Mayo

Get home safely on May 5 with a free ride from Lyft. Courtesy photo

We’ve all been there. Despite our plans to take it easy, it can be difficult to resist the lure of one more drink. Now thanks to a new pilot program, a safe ride home is as close as your phone.

Sober Rides TX, an initiative from popular ride-hailing app Lyft with support from the Texas Municipal Police Association, launches on May 5. Over Cinco de Mayo, the company will be offering $50,000 in free rides to help put a stop to impaired driving in Texas.

Those planning to go out on May 5 can redeem a $10 credit to their Lyft account by entering their phone number at the link. Although that is not enough to cover the cost of all rides, it is a substantial discount, especially when applied to a Lyft Line ride, where riders agree to carpool for a reduced cost.

Some restrictions do apply to the code. The promotion is only valid between 12:01 am on May 5 to 3 am on May 6. However, the code can be used for any pickup and drop-off location within the state’s borders.

The choice of Texas for the pilot is no accident; drunk driving is particularly rampant in the state. “Recent data shows that Texas led the nation in traffic fatalities, with alcohol impaired drivers contributing to 44 percent of these deaths,” said TMPA deputy director of government affairs Mitch Landry in a release.  

Fire chief Samuel Pena encourages Houstonians to take advantage of the Sober Rides TX pilot program. "We know Houston will be busy this weekend as so many are out celebrating around the city and we want to do everything we can to encourage people who are drinking to not drive."