Hometown Halloween

Show some hometown Halloween spirit: 8 costumes Houstonians can really appreciate

Hometown Halloween: 8 costumes Houstonians can really appreciate

Astros Josh Reddick celebration after ALCS win over Yankees at
Emulate the Astros' Josh Reddick for Halloween in a star-spangled Speedo and champagne. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
Kusama: At the End of the Universe
Draw inspiration from artist Yayoi Kusama's wildly-popular, immersive exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Photo by Tarra Gaines
Mattress Mac or Jim McIngvale of Gallery Furniture holding up dollar bills
Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale makes for a truly loveable costume with a distinctly Houston slant. StartUpHouston.com
Houston, Axelrad, April 2016, patio
Imitate the iconic, neon-laden tree at Axelrad and bring the party with you to any Halloween shindig. Photo by Jamaal Vince Photography
Houston, MFAH Oscar de la Renta Ball, Lynn Wyatt, Oscar de la Renta
Dressing as the always-impeccable Houston socialite and philanthropist Lynn Wyatt would be a great way to showcase a classic black-and-white ensemble. Jacob Power Photography
Events-Tariq Ali at Rothko-Nov 09
Simply paint clothing in black to achieve the highly-textured brilliance of one of Mark Rothko's famous paintings housed on the campus of The Menil Collection. Hickey Robertson
Marvin Zindler ABC 13
Few Houstonians are more recognizable than legendary KTRK broadcaster Marvin Zindler. Courtesy of ABC 13/KTRK
Astros Josh Reddick celebration after ALCS win over Yankees at
Kusama: At the End of the Universe
Mattress Mac or Jim McIngvale of Gallery Furniture holding up dollar bills
Houston, Axelrad, April 2016, patio
Houston, MFAH Oscar de la Renta Ball, Lynn Wyatt, Oscar de la Renta
Events-Tariq Ali at Rothko-Nov 09
Marvin Zindler ABC 13

So many Halloween partygoers aim to imitate something or someone relevant to popular culture, but this year we chose to specifically highlight eight costumes that Houstonians can really appreciate. Check out a few of the best Houston-themed Halloween costume ideas this side of the Beltway. 

ALS Champions
Houston Astros

Now on their way to the World Series, there's no more obvious choice for this list than dressing as your favorite Houston Astro. Pitcher Dallas Keuchel really only requires a long beard, or sport a five-o'clock shadow and some eye black for your best shot at second basemen José Altuve. If you really want to go all out, you can don a star spangled Speedo and Astros cap and imitate outfielder Josh Reddick's post-victory celebration — clearly you'll also need to bring a bottle of champagne to really capture the vibe.

Celebrating the Arts
A Painting by Mark Rothko

As one of Houston's most iconic institutions, the Rothko Chapel — located on the campus of The Menil Collection — is always a great place to draw inspiration. The space is devoted to presenting 14 paintings by renowned artist Mark Rothko, subtle canvases of black with shading and textures throughout. For this costume, I'd suggest using black matte paint to cover a shirt and pants in an opaque yet highly-textured layer. You're sure to get bonus points from your arts-loving friends with this one.

Top Socialite
Lynn Wyatt

Lynn Wyatt has been making the rounds at some of the city's — and the world's — most lavish parties for decades now. Once recognized as "Socialite of the Century" by Texas Monthly magazine, the octogenarian has not only garnered a reputation as one of the city's most distinguished philanthropists and party guests, but also as the go-to winner for Best Dressed Houstonian. Emulating Wyatt — well-known for her light blonde coif, red lipstick, and always-impeccable fashion sense — would be ideal for anyone wanting to kick up the chic factor, Houston-style. Often seen wearing monochromatic ensembles, opt for clean lines, timeless cuts and glamorous accessories when curating your Lynn-inspired costume.

The Place to Be
The Tree at Axelrad

There are few trees in Houston more memorable than the massive, neon-covered tree in the center of popular beer garden Axelrad. After opening two years ago, the establishment has gained a reputation for good beer, live music — and a colorful, glowing tree. To make sure you get the point across, use hot glue to secure a number of multi-colored glow-sticks to the arms and torso of a brown shirt and pants set. Note: You must be willing to hold your arms above your head at all times for this one.

At the MFAH
Yayoi Kusama

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama made a profound impact on Houston's arts patrons with her immersive, summer-long exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. The exhibition, At the End of the Universe, closed just last month and featured two of the famed artist's mirrored "infinity rooms," one of which featured bright inflatable tentacles covered in her signature polka dot patterns. If you're feeling the Kusama vibe, you can either choose to imitate the dynamics of her colorful exhibition, or opt to dress as the artist herself, well-known for sporting red-and-white polka-dotted dresses with her hair in a cartroonishly crimson bob and mismatched shoes.

White House Visit
FLOTUS in Texas

If you want to imitate the ensemble worn by first lady Melania Trump on her trip to visit areas affected by Hurricane Harvey, you probably have most of the components in your wardrobe already. Although she may have been wearing stilettos while leaving for the trip to the coast, the first lady changed into some white Adidas Stan Smith's tennies prior to landing, as well as a chic, starched white shirt, a pair of sharp black trousers, and — most notably — a black cap that reads "FLOTUS." While you can likely come up most of the components yourself, you can find a hat just like the First Lady's online, or make a bootleg one of your own.

Local Legend
Marvin Zindler

Although this year marks the 10th anniversary of his passing, I'd be hard-pressed to believe that many life-long Houstonians don't know of broadcasting legend Marvin Zindler. While Zindler worked at ABC13 for more than 30 years and is known for busting the infamous Chicken Ranch — also known as The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas  — and his unforgettable "Slime in the ice machine!" catchphrase, perhaps he is most remembered for his iconic visage. Known for his stark white hair, ever-present sunglasses and ivory suits, Zindler would be an ideal Halloween costume candidate for any nostalgic news fan.

Houston Hero
Mattress Mack

Last, yet very certainly not least, is Jim "Mattress Mack" ​McIngvale. This man clearly needs no introduction, as the long-time furniture magnate gained even further notariety for his exceptional philanthropic efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. His swift decision to open the doors to his massive North Freeway and Grand Parkway locations to welcome hundreds of Houstonians in dire need — as well as his continued participation in relief efforts — led him to emerge as a hometown hero. All you'll need to show your appreciation in costume form is a long-sleeve denim shirt, a red undershirt, and some khakis. Be sure to complete the look with a grey wig, a badge on a lanyard, and — of course — some dollar bills. You'll be screaming "Gallery Furniture saves you money!" in no time.