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Cute alert! There's nothing like the bond between sea lion mom and her newborn

Cute alert! Nothing like the bond between sea lion mom and her newborn

New baby sea lion and mom at Houston Zoo
The new baby sea lion is the first born at the Houston Zoo since 1994. Photo by Stephanie Adams/Houston Zoo

Like many of you, we're a sucker for cute pictures of adorable animals. So when the Houston Zoo announced the birth of a California sea lion — the first lion sea pup to be born there is 22 years — we had to get a look at it.

The pup sure is cute. But so is first-time mother, Kamia, who, in this photo, shows her true devotion. Zoo officials say the unnamed pup and Kamia began to bond soon after she gave birth on June 28 and nursing was spotted within hours. The mother and pup will spend some more quality bonding time before they make their first public appearance where the pup's name will be announced. Keepers are waiting to name the pup once they determine its sex.

The sea lions at the zoo take part in the Take Action conservation initiative as ambassadors for the sustainable seafood program. They eat 23,850 pounds of fish either responsibly wild-caught or farm-raised in order to keep current populations of marine wildlife at balanced numbers and protect the ocean's health.

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