Milton Townsend
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Photo by Priscilla Dickson

Of all the fashionable gents and ladies gathered for afternoon tea at the home of Jackson Hicks and Milton Townsend, none better captured the spirit of the genteel gathering than Milton. He was a vision in shades of lavender. 

Known for his sartorial creativity, Milton on this day took a somewhat conservative approach in Ralph Lauren. Yet, he ramped up the look with the color scheme. 

He found the lavender Ralph Lauren, Purple Label jacket at the Polo/Ralph Lauren store in the Galleria. The shirt was Hamilton Shirts and his purple tie was from Zara. Milton's slacks were Vivienne Westwood, a purchase made at the designer's shop in London. His YSL shoes were a find at the YSL shop in San Francisco. The sweet pea in his lapel was from the garden.



Milton Townsend
News_Style File_Milton Townsend
Photo by Gary Fountain

Almost always the dashing man-about-town (sometimes the colorfully costumed gent), Milton Townsend is widely known for his special fashion flair. Here, he wears an Armani suit with Etro tie. "These are my work clothes," he says. "This suit has been to a lot of parties." On this occasion, he was overseeing the Jackson & Co. luncheon for Fendi in the Galleria.

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