Michael Yafi
Shelby, Style File, Michael Yafi, July 2012
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When out on the town, Dr. Michael Yafi sheds the clinical jacket he wears as a pediatric endocrinologist in favor of high style Italian fashions. Last week's Party in Pink was no exception when we spotted him at the rockin' event at Hotel ZaZa.

Truly, we didn't expect many men to dress in the requisite pink. But Yafi had his sartorial splendor thing running in high gear. And he was without a doubt, a fashion standout.

He had seen a photo of a Versace pink suit in a fashion publication and headed to the Galleria store where he found the slacks but not the jacket as the pieces are sold separately. Staffers searched the computers and found the hard-to-get jacket from the runway collection at Versace in Las Vegas. Et voila! His look was established.

Yafi completed his outfit with shoes by Yves St. Laurent, a belt by Bally, the shirt by American Living and eyeglasses by Vogue — most purchased in Galleria stores.

He explained of his passion for flamboyant fashion, "I love art. I think that fashion is a form of art. I love bold colors and Italian styles."


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