Lynn Wyatt
Shelby, Style File, Lynn Wyatt, September 2012
Photo by © Michelle Watson/

When Janice and Bob McNair requested that guests to their suite for the Houston Texans/Miami Dolphins game wear white, momentary shudders ran down the spines of devoted fashionistas. It was, after all, a week after Labor Day. The dead season for white.

Not so for Texans fan Lynn Wyatt who waltzed around the seasonal taboo by donning an off-white paper-thin leather top by Cavalli and matching Cavalli jeans. Both purchased at the Cavalli store in New York.

“It’s not easy because we wore white all summer long,” she admitted.

Despite the urge to dress up in the swank owner’s suite, Lynn exlained, “I wanted something to be real casual. You have to remember this is a football game.”

A bit of swell gold jewelry and sexy Prada mules completed the look that was stunning and just right in the rarified environs of the Reliant Stadium owner’s suite.


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