Beth Muecke
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Beth Muecke is one fashionista who travels to the beat of her own drum. Out there, daring and unconventional are words that come to mind when considering her fashion bent. On a recent January night, the fashion blogger dressed somewhat conservatively compared to her normal repertoire.

For the Vault ariel dance presentation and José Sanchez fashion show, Muecke, who regales the hipster and high-style fashion sets with her blog, wasn't about to tackle the chilly night in her signature short looks. "I'm known for wearing mini skirts, but it was so cold out tonight I thought a nice long pencil skirt would be better," she says.

The sequined skirt was a find at Express, topped by a jeweled sweatshirt from BCBG. Her jeweled-collared blouse was a find at Urban Outfitters. Accessories included booties by Guess, ear cuffs from Tootsies and a wristlet purse from Tory Burch.


Beth Muecke
Beth Muecke Style File at Festari for Men party August 2014
Photo by Roswitha Vogler

Among Houston's social set, Beth Muecke is known for a distinctive look that always draws a reaction — onlookers either love it or hate it. "People have described my style as 'fashion-forward rocker chic meets ballerina,' " she notes.

That combo was evident at the recent Summer Suit Soiree at Festari for Men, where Muecke, just back from Los Angeles, picked a colorful skull-motif dress from Cosmo and Nathalia Glam Squad, the funky boutique located on Melrose Avenue in a four-block area filled with shops that she regularly visits on trips to the West Coast.

"They design all their own clothes and have many celebrity patrons. The store is rocker glam," she says.

Muecke accented the dress with necklaces from Manic Panic Style Asylum, another Melrose Avenue boutique, and studded shoes from Banana Republic, which she wore with bobby socks.

"I decided to wear the outfit because I had just returned from an extended stay in LA (my children live there) and wanted to wear something I had just purchase there. Also, any Festari party warrants something super fun to wear," she says.

Muecke currently documents her fashion exploits on her blog,


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