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What to wear, what to wear! That was the cri de coeur of just about every woman invited to the Liaisons au Louvre II afternoon in the French countryside. Every woman that is except Susan Plank. This serene beauty, who favors classics over trends, knew from the start that Ralph Lauren would be her choice. What better label for the day that called for "high country" attire?

For the stroll through the gardens of Chateau du Champ de Bataille and the candlelight dinner that followed in the mews of the historic chateau, Susan wore a crisp white Ralph Lauren shirt that she had picked up in Paris the day before. Her suede wrap skirt and wide belt with horseshoe buckle were Ralph Lauren finds from the Galleria. Eschewing the expected boots, Susan opted for Jimmy Choo espadrilles in neutral.

She had brought along a suede shirt but decided in the balmy weather that a white shirt would be more fun. To keep warm in case of the intermittent showers, Susan wore a yummy brown cashmere wrap from Loro Piana.

"I go with what I feel comfortable in. I don't let anyone talk me into anything that is trendy," she said, describing her personal style as classic. "When I buy classics, I know that I can wear them five years down the road. And I can take the different pieces and wear them in different combinations . . . Ralph Lauren is one of my absolute favorites."

Throughout the three days of Paris partying for the benefit of the Louvre, Susan was a fashion standout, beginning with the Roberto Cavalli cocktail dress that she wore to dinner at the U.S. Ambassador's residence and concluding with glam Kaufman Franco gown that she wore to the black-tie gala


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