• When your bore of a friend feels like a chore, it's time to explore letting go.
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  • This might be the easiest way to dump a friend, but it's certainly not thefriendliest.
  • If you're not feeling friendship sparks, chances are, she's probably not either.
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  • If she doesn't ask, it's not your place to tell her whether to go through withit or not.
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  • All brides have doubts — cold feet, if you will. But what if it's the bride'sfriend with doubts?
  • Should you burst your friend's bride-to-be bubble by telling her she's marryingthe wrong guy?
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  • Angry Birds is the No. 2 Halloween costume search.
    Photo via The Clog Blog
  • Texans love to dress up their pets.
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  • Black Swan is the fastest-rising costume search in Texas in 2011.
  • People in Houston search for "candy corn" a whopping 30 percent more, percapita, than the rest of the United States.
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  • Mortal Kombat makes it to No. 11 on the list.
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  • Olga Campos, Kerry Hall, Kevin Benz, Steve Hall at the 2009 Big 12 Championshipin Dallas.
  • Sam Bryant and Gigi Bryant, Kerry Hall, Olga Campos
    Photo by Olga Campos
  • David and Cheryl Frink
  • Kevin Benz, Gigi Bryant, Sam Bryant before Super Bowl XLV.

  • Miles, your mommy loved you. She still does.
  • Miles and I, sharing a friendly hello in March 2009, with protective mommy Noellooking on.
  • Kiva, Miles' father, is a gentle giant. Much like what Miles will grow up to be.