• Steve Regnier assists customer Frances Bogatto with her groceries.
    Photo by Katie Oxford
  • Meet Rice Epicurean's Steve Regnier
    Photo by Katie Oxford
  • Always lending a helping hand
    Photo by Katie Oxford
  • Steve loads groceries into the car in a packed-perfectly style.
    Photo by Katie Oxford
  • Steve gathering stray carts
    Photo by Katie Oxford
  • Steve doesnt haphazardly throw your items into bags. He places them there - nextto the right stuff - and always double bagged.
    Photo by Katie Oxford

  • Jason Sagebiel is a classical trained guitarist who, while serving in Iraq,learned the ut from locals.
    Photo courtesy of Jason Sagebiel
  • When singer/songwriter Jason Moon returned from war, he experiencedposttraumatic stress disorder, and his symptoms included suicidal tendencies.Though he's not a formally-trained musician, he found music to be a conduit forhealing.
    Photo courtesy of Jason Moon
  • "Music and the Journey of War: A Three-Part Concert Series" emerged from NatalieZeldin;s unique combination of studies, work and personal curiosity.
    Photo courtesy of Nataie Zeldin
  • Shepherd School of Music's Kareem Al-Zand, who's of Iraqi provenance, wrote asextet honoring a cousin who perished in Baghdad during the invasion.
    Photo courtesy of Karim Al-Zand

  • The place is intimate. No table is further than 24 feet from the stage.
    Photo by © Marc Bryan-Brown
  • Marcella Smith
    Photo by Grant Rice
  • The new supper club underneath the old Studio 54 aims to be luxurious “but notso exclusive that people get turned away,” says Smith.
    Photo by © Marc Bryan-Brown
  • Bootlegger chic décor enhances the menu of old-timey food and drink.
    Photo by © Marc Bryan-Brown
  • Rendering of the new club before construction
    Rendering by John Lee Berry

  • In the season finale, Stephen Moyer goes all Carrie on us.
  • Season five of True Blood was a bloody mess for stars, from left, Stephen Moyer,Anna Pacquin and Alexander Skarsgard
    Photo courtesy of HBO

  • Ron Jones, from left, Britny Bush, Lyndsay Sweeney, Bobby Haworth, CrystalO'Brien and Autumn Clack in Mildred's Umbrella's production of Large AnimalGames
    Photo by Lynn Lane
  • A scene from Mildred's Umbrella's production of Large Animal Games with KalidPuentes and Lyndsay Sweeney
    Photo by Lynn Lane
  • Crystal O'Brien in Large Animal Games
    Photo by Lynn Lane
  • Autumn Clack, left, and Lyndsay Sweeney in the Mildred's Umbrella productionof Large Animal Games
    Photo by Lynn Lane

  • The Microsoft Surface is (seemingly) well designed, it's aesthetically pleasing,it has all the moving parts it needs, the cover doubles as a keyboard and isavailable in black, pink, red and blue.
  • That battle tablet is on is something that can only mean good news for allcomputer geeks, and even for Apple consumers.

  • Steve Zahn, from left, Winona Ryder, Janeane Garofalo and Ethan Hawke atop adowntown Houston tower in Reality Bites
    Courtesy photo
  • Ben Stiller made his debut as a director in Reality Bites.
  • Look how young Ben Stiller and Wyona Ryder look.
  • Reality Bites movie poster

  • The Tony Awards will be broadcast on Channel 11 Sunday night at 7.
  • The Lyons provides a rare opportunity to see a star of such caliber as LindaLavin live onstage (Lavin shown here with Dick Latessa).
  • Stockard Channing has played the matriarch Polly Wyeth in Other Desert Citiessince the show began off Broadway in 2011.
  • After seeing the new production of Death of a Salesman, I can honestly say thatacting doesn’t get any stronger than Philip Seymour Hoffman.

  • Gerald Franklin and Joan Schnitzer-Levy chair their 31st annual Celebrity Servebenefiting ESCAPE Family Resource Center.
    Photo courtesy of ESCAPE Family Resource Center
  • Photo by Gary Fountain
  • Jerry Jones, from left, Joan Schnitzer-Levy, Gene Jones and Irvin Levy tookcenter stage at the 2011 ESCAPE Celebrity Serve benefit.
  • Lidya Osadchey, from left, Joan Schnitzer Levy, Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna atthe ESCAPE benefit in 2009.

  • Episcopal High School's production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels earned BestMusical and Best Musical Direction.
  • From left: TUTS president and CEO John Breckenridge, First ever Tommy Tune Awardwinner for Best Actress Stephanie Gibson, Best Supporting Actress Morgan Starr,Tommy Tune, Best Leading Actor Billy Cohen, Best Featured Performer CherylCedillo, Best Supporting Actor Mason Patterson, Best Leading Actress CaitlinFinnie and Tommy Tune Award presenter Manuel Santos.
  • Scholarship winners, from left: Alma Acosta (Elsik High School), Tommy Tune,Nathaly Garcia (Elsik High School), Billy Cohen (Episcopal High School), MonicaBrown (Kingwood High School), Kate Court (Pearland High School), Shelby Stark(Klein High School), Eleonore Verkerk (Stafford High School), Haylee Hoelscher(Houston Christian High School), Elisabeth Del Toro (Friendswood High School),Jeremiah James (Cypress Ranch High School) and TUTS' John Breckenridge.
  • Ruth Denney Scholarship winner Billy Cohen with Tommy Tune and TUTS' JohnBreckenridge.
  • The Tommy Tunes Awards celebrates the blood, sweat and tears of everyone whocontributed to an experience that surely changes the lives of those involved.
    Photo by Bruce Bennett

  • Phil Mickelson has to carry any buzz another year for the Shell Houston Open.
    Photo by Ken Carter
  • Tiger Woods' three porn mistresses (who only has one?) have teamed for atell-all movie to be released Masters week.
  • Rory McIlroy's crazy bubble talk is even threatening to take some of thespotlight.
    Photo via The Sun

  • Every year I can’t wait to see what the theme is for Catastrophic Theatre’sannual fundraiser. This year it's “Hee Haw Hootenanny."
    Photo by Anthony Rathbun
  • Inn at Dos Brisas, located in Brenham, has beautiful grounds and spa. Therestaurant, which is supplied from its own garden, is the piece de resistance.
  • Taft McWhorter. I can’t say enough good things about this up-and-coming artist,and not just because he is a good friend but because I love his work.
  • Rothko Chapel is a beautiful place where religion, art, and architectureintermingle.
    Hickey Robertson
  • Whether shopping for a unique wedding dress or a dress for another occasion, youwill find the whole experience engaging at Bhldn.
    Heather Staible
  • Buffalo Bayou Kayak Tours are a great way to see downtown Houston from a wholenew angle not to mention a great work out.
    Photo by ©Katya Horner/Slight Clutter Photography
  • I love going to movies, especially independent ones and was so excited when theSundance Cinema brand took over the theater at Bayou Place.
    Photo by © Michelle Watson/CatchLightGroup.com
  • If you are a chocolate lover, then The Chocolate Bar is the place for you.
    The Chocolate Bar/Facebook
  • No list would be complete without the addition of chef and restaurateur ChrisShepherd, who recently opened up Hay Merchant and Underbelly.
    Photo by © Julie Soefer
  • Steve Lee, a stable in the wedding and event photography business, is nowoffering baby portrait photography! Inspired by the birth of his baby girl, hebrings his unique photography style to the world of cherished memories.
  • Phoenicia Specialty Foods mega-grocery store is so full of interesting culinarydelights that it could take years to try everything.
    Phoenicia Specialty Foods/Facebook
  • The intimate atmosphere and great selections of wine at McGonigel’s Mucky Duckreally make for a great time.
    Photo by Ray Redding

  • Meet Nellie the Basset Hound.
    Photo by Cameron Densen Hammon
  • Matt, Syd and me
    Photo by Paula Hammon
  • Syd gives Nellie a bone.
    Photo by Cameron Dezen Hammon
  • Nellie the dog takes the couch, and Steve the cat watches from almost underneaththe table.
    Photo by Cameron Densen Hammon

  • Stephen Klineberg greets friends at the premiere of Interesting Times: TrackingHouston's Transformations Through 30 Years of Surveys
    Photo by Eli Spector/Rice University
  • An audience of Houston movers and shakers attended the premiere at the Museum ofFine Arts, Houston. This photograph was tinted to give an old-time movie feel.
    Photo by Eli Spector/Rice University
  • The audience applauded in appreciation at the end of the film.
    Photo by Eli Spector/Rice University
  • David Thompson, from left, Rich and Nancy Kinder and Stephen Klineberg
    Photo by Eli Spector/Rice University
  • The movie generated a lot of disussion afterwards.
    Photo by Eli Spector/Rice University
  • Klineberg never misses an opportunity to talk about Houston's future based ondata gathered in the past 30 years.
    Photo by Eli Spector/Rice University
  • The audience awaits the start of Interesting Times: Tracking Houston'sTransformations Through 30 Years of Surveys
    Photo by Eli Spector/Rice University

  • The iPad is a fantastic tool for media consumption and communication.
  • With Flipboard, one can add their interests or favorite publications and have acustomized magazine-like experience created for them.
  • Steve Jobs with the iPad in 2010.
    AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle/Paul Chinn

  • It's sad to see anyone die of cancer at age 56. But Steve Jobs didn't save theworld. He made a lot of money — much of it for himself.
    Photo by Tony Avelar/AFP/Getty Images
  • Steve Jobs convinced people with modest means to spend $500 on a phone. Andmore. Congrats?
  • Steve Jobs was the master of using smoke and mirrors to hype products that hadobvious flaws.

  • The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Center is going to demolish the oldPrudential Building, 1100 Holcombe Blvd., to make way for a new building in itscancer fighting institutional campus in the Texas Medical Center.
    Photo by Ralph Bivins
  • Horn Elementary in Bellaire was flattened and a gleaming new model is therenow.
    Photo by Ralph Bivins
  • The place where the old school stood has been scraped clean. After thebulldozers did their deed, one of my teammates quipped: “Hey, looks like theymissed a couple of trees.”
    Photo by Ralph Bivins
  • Newcomers may not realize that the Astrodome, built at a cost of only $35million, was the nation’s first domed stadium and the Eighth Wonder of theWorld.

  • If only Tom Cruise could get someone to rework a Springsteen song in his nextmovie.
  • Dave Marsh write the book(s) on Bruce Springsteen — literally. Which doesn'tmean, he's right on "Downbound Train."
  • There are only six weeks left in the Ultimate Springsteen countdown.