Egg-cellence in lodging

Tiny Texas cottage hatches honor for Lone Star State's ‘most hospitable’ Airbnb host

Tiny Texas cottage hatches honor for ‘most hospitable’ Airbnb host

Chicken Coop Tiny Cottage
Roost in this little nest in Austin, with the state's "most hospitable" hosts. Airbnb
Chicken Coop Tiny Cottage
The tiny cottage is nestled away in North Central Austin.  Airbnb
Chicken Coop Tiny Cottage
With several seating areas outdoors and a peaceful courtyard, guests won't feel cooped up. Airbnb
Chicken Coop Tiny Cottage
Chicken Coop Tiny Cottage
Chicken Coop Tiny Cottage

A small cottage in Austin is home to the top Airbnb host in Texas.

In July, Airbnb released a list of the “most hospitable” host in each state. The Austin hosting duo of Jay and Jayne C. (no last name given) grabbed the No. 1 spot in Texas.

To earn this honor, Jay and Jayne had to:

  • Achieve 100 percent five-star ratings in the categories of cleanliness, check-in, and communication.
  • Attract at least 100 reviews. (A recent count showed the coop had surpassed 360 reviews, which ranks fourth-highest among Airbnb properties in the U.S.)
  • Gain the greatest number of reviews in Texas.

“Upon being informed of this distinction, Jayne told us that their high cleaning standards were passed down from her father, who owned a cleaning-product company. As a result, they now employ an outstanding cleaner who is just as picky as they are,” Airbnb says in a news release.

Jay and Jayne host Airbnb guests at their Chicken Coop Tiny Cottage. The cottage, located about eight miles north of downtown in North Central Austin, truly is a tiny space; it measures just 160 square feet. While the cottage (which actually doesn’t have any chickens) may be small, the Airbnb listing is big on puns.

According to the listing, the cottage’s chicken décor “makes for a peaceful nest to roost your head,” while the tranquil courtyard and flowers “provide an egg-cellent place to chill after a long day of pecking around Austin.”

“Rise with the chickens (or not!) and enjoy hot coffee or tea in the privacy of your own little coop,” the listing says.

To commemorate their guests, Jay and Jayne painted a mural on the back of the cottage where guests can leave their signatures and dates of travel.

The couple tries “to think ahead by supplying everything someone could need or might forget while traveling — from a toothbrush and bug spray to soft drinks and chocolates on the side of the bed,” Airbnb says.