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Brown Hand Center doc arrested for assaulting wife — again

Brown Hand Center doc arrested for assaulting wife — again

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Brown's 2010 mugshot Courtesy of Harris County Sheriff's Office

The commercials for the Brown Hand Center end with the doctor staring into the camera, surrounded by his children, promising to treat patients the way he cares for his family.

Let's hope he doesn't mean it.

Brown was arraigned Tuesday with assaulting his wife, Rachel Brown, on Aug. 13 by forcefully twisting her arm behind her back in an attempt to break it.

Court documents show the dispute allegedly centered around Brown's drinking, and in his arraignment Brown confessed to having drinking problem and requested (but was denied) permission to seek in-patient treatment in California. He was given bail of $40,000 on the conditions that he surrender his passport, stay 1,000 feet away from his wife and house and wear a GPS monitor.

Rachel Brown has contacted the authorities about her husband before. In 2006 she sought a restraining order alleging domestic abuse against her dating back to 2004. In 2009 she called 911 and told responding officers her husband was trying to poison her, but lacking evidence no charges were filed.

Brown is being charged as a second offender following a 2002 plea to aggravated assault for beating then-wife Darlina Brown with a bedpost in 2001 while she was pregnant. (For the disturbing full picture of that marriage, read the Houston Press's lengthy cover story on Brown from 2002.)

Though Brown testified at the arraignment that he is not addicted to any illegal substance, his medical license was revoked in 2006 after testing positive for cocaine while on probation.