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Planned Parenthood rocks the House of Deréon — Taylor Swift "appearance" included

Planned Parenthood rocks the House of Deréon — Taylor Swift "appearance" included

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Impersonators of Gene Simmons, Tina Turner, George Harrison and Taylor Swift took the House of Deréon by storm for the "Party Like a Rock Star" event benefitting Planned Parenthood. Both young and old struck gold in their reach for the stars, flipping fabulous wigs and dipping low in over-the-top, look-a-like garb.

Costume highlights included a Ziggie Stardust-era David Bowie and a Johnny and June Carter med student duo (although they could have easily been mistaken for Donnie and Marie).

The night's biggest news? Organization execs announced the merging of Planned Parenthood of Houston & Southeast Texas with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana.

Doppelgängers danced the night away in celebration of the fresh and clean Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast before packing up their platforms until Halloween.

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