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Houston's reality TV star Erica Rose becomes a grandma ... to a litter of socialite spaniels

Houston's reality TV star Erica Rose becomes a grandma ... to a litter of socialite spaniels

Reality television princess and aspiring power attorney Erica Rose is glowing with the arrival of a new litter of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. On May 7, her four-year-old Blenheim breed, Shayna, gave birth to three bundles of fur.

The puppies are the result of a match made in dog heaven: several months ago, Rose was chatting at a University of Houston Law Center classmate's birthday celebration with fellow student Patrick Yarborough about her beloved pooch and wish to breed Shayna with a fellow thoroughbred King Charles. As luck would have it, the Yarborough family is the loving owner of a Tricolour King Charles named Charles Williston O'Connell Yarborough (who also answers to "Charlie").

While Erica was in Los Angeles for two months filming her new reality show, You're Cut Off!, Shayna moved into the Yarborough home. Embarking on dates to The Briar Club and romantic strolls through River Oaks, Charlie and Shayna fell in puppy love. It was soon revealed that Shayna was expecting.

Erica arrived back from LA in time for the big day.

There's no puppy postpartum depression here. "Shayna loves being a mom," Erica gushes. "She stayed in bed for the first few days, but she's active now again."

Don't expect Erica to enforce a trendy, post-baby celebrity crash diet: "Shayna's still carrying some puppy weight," Erica explains, "and has taken to eating an entire Whole Foods rotisserie chicken a day."

The litter, which consists of two girls and one boy, are still unable to walk and haven't even opened their eyes, but the pups are already emitting tiny barks and adorable yawns. "The boy protects the girls," Erica says, "I hope to one day breed one of the girls, and pass along Shayna's genes."

Patrick's sister and self-proclaimed "mommy" to Charlie, Mollie, hopes to adopt the other girl, with the male puppy being taken care of by the Rose family's housekeeper. The puppies' coats are adorned with Charlie's dominant black and tan spots.

Erica is a doting grandma of sorts. "I don't even like to leave them unattended," she says. For her puppy's name, she has chosen Silhouette, inspired by her mother's talent as a silhouette artist.

"The 't's' would be silent," Erica explains.

The families have big plans, but for the next few weeks, the puppies will be staying at Erica's, nursing with Shayna and enjoying frequent play dates with Charlie.

"They're going to be so happy, compared to the brutal environments most puppies endure under the reign of breeders," Patrick beams. "It's great that the puppies get to meet their mommy and daddy."

News_Steven Thomson_puppies
Erica Rose lavishes love upon her new puppies. Photo by Steven Thomson
News_Steven Thomson_puppies_parents
Mother and father Shayna and Charlie Photo by Steven Thomson
News_Steven Thomson_puppies
Erica Rose and Patrick Yarborough with the happy yappy family. Photo by Steven Thomson
News_Steven Thomson_puppies
At little more than a week old, the puppies have yet to open their eyes. Photo by Steven Thomson