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Tatiana Green, Debbie Festari, Melissa Mithoff at Stages Gala
Tatiana Green, Debbie Festari, Melissa Mithoff. Photo by Quy Tran
Beth Muecke, Vivian Wise at Stages Gala
Vivian Wise, Beth Muecke. Photo by Quy Tran
Tara Simon, Artistic Director Kenn McLaughlin at Stages Gala
Tara Simon, Kenn McLaughlin. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Roseann Rogers, Vicki Rizzo, Mauri Oliver, Angela Sturm at Stages Gala
Roseann Rogers, Vicki Rizzo, Mauri Oliver, Angela Sturm. Photo by Quy Tran
Sandra Porter, Rudy Festari, Leisa Holland-Nelson at Stages Gala
Sandra Porter, Rudy Festari, Leisa Holland-Nelson. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Carolyn Johnson, Holland Varva at Stages Gala
Carolyn Johnson and Holland Vavra performed at the Stages Gala. Photo by Quy Tran
Nancy and Jose Almovodar at Stages Gala
Nancy and Joseph Almovodar. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Adam Haiduk, MD and William Howard at Stages Gala
Dr. Adam Haiduk and WIlliam Howard. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Rocky Mafrige, Auction Co-Chairman Nicole Lassiter, Don Mafrige, Jr. at Stages Gala
Rocky Mafrige, Nicole Lassiter, Don Mafrige Jr. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Duke and C.C. Ensel at Stages Gala
Duke and C.C. Ensell. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
JD Adamson, Stages Board Chairman George Lancaster at Stages Gala
J.D. Adamson, George Lancaster. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Underwriting Chairman Jim Furr, Erin Stimming, Underwriting Chairman Jo Furr, Chris Stimming at Stages Gala
Jim Furr, Erin Stimming, Jo Furr, Chris Stimming. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Kat Kearns at Stages Gala
Kat Kearns. Photo by Quy Tran
Stewart Zuckerbrod, Stages Founding Artistic Director Emeritus Ted Swindley, Jack Heifner at Stages Gala
Stewart Zuckerbrod, Ted Swindley, Jack Heifner. Photo by Quy Tran
Scott Miller, Edward Sanchez, Patti Murphy, Roland Maldonado, Raul Diaz at Stages Gala
Scott Miller, Edward Sanchez, Patti Murphy, Roland Maldonado, Raul Diaz. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Entertainment Co-Chairmen Rob Rutherford and Mauney Mafrige at Stages Gala
Rob Rutherford, Mauney Mafrige. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Jodie Eisenhardt, Tim Collins, Sarah Bray at Stages Gala
Jodie Eisenhardt, Tim Collins, Sarah Bray. Photo by Quy Tran
Leigh-Ann Laughlin, Guillermo Sierra, Auction Co-Chairman Tatiana Galitzine, Elizabeth Gregory at Stages Gala
Leigh-Ann Laughlin, Guillermo Sierra, Tatiana Galitzine, Elizabeth Gregory. Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Fred Aguilar, Kirsten Guerra, William Guerra, Edward Sanchez at Stages Gala
Dr. Fred Aguilar, Kirsten Guerra, Dr. William Guerra, Edward Sanchez. Photo by Quy Tran
Evangelina Hammonds and Council Member Robert Gallegos at Stages Gala
Evangelina Hammonds, Houston City Council member Robert Gallegos. Photo by Roswitha Vogler