Phoebe Tudor

Dynamo of community service leads the charge for a better Houston

Dynamo of community service leads the charge for a better Houston

The Influentials, Phoebe Tudor, January 2013
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Could there be anyone more community-oriented than Phoebe Tudor? A mother of three, she currently serves on 13 boards or advisory boards. Since 2009, she has chaired or co-chaired with husband Bobby Tudor 12 events or campaigns and has been the honoree or co-honoree at a dozen fundraising events. These are hands-on positions, no lending her name merely for the press.

Phoebe's leadership and fundraising prowess topped the charts in late 2011 with completion of the $32 million capital campaign for restoration of the Julia Ideson Library (she chaired that effort) and again this past fall with the successful vote on the Houston Independent School District referendum, for which she and her husband led the charge at the helm of Citizens for Better Schools.

She currently heads the Hermann Park Conservancy's $30 million Centennial Campaign and the gala festivities that kick off in 2014. And next month, Phoebe and Bobby chair the Houston Symphony Ball.

What is your chief characteristic?


Your idea of happiness?

Dinner together with my husband and my three children.

Your favorite heroes in real life?

Teachers, doctors and nurses.

The best advice you ever received?

My sister told me I should marry Bobby Tudor back in high school!

If not yourself, who would you be?

A prima ballerina.

Something people would be surprised to learn about you?

That I am fluent in German.

Your pet aversion?


What is your favorite thing about Houston?

My favorite thing about Houston is the attitude of openness and friendliness from people here.

The biggest misconception about Houston?

The biggest misconception seems to be that people have no idea what a sophisticated, interesting and fun city this is.  We have great restaurants, the arts are thriving here and it the most philanthropic city I know.  Plus a great quality of life! 

What drives your community service engine?

I guess it's the great satisfaction that I get from being helpful to organizations and causes that I think are important . . . trying to make the world a better place, trying to make the city a better place in whatever way I can. People can do those things in lots of different ways. But if something comes up that I feel I can be helpful with, then I'm glad to do it.