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New Wedding Truth

New wedding truth: Throwing rice is so tired . . . it's now all about sexy petal showers

Petal Toss at St. Regis Hotel
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Petal toss at wedding
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23 Spectacular Weddings February 2014 Jamie and Takis Wedding
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Spectacular weddings, petal toss, shelby, Katy Mayell, Mathew Ellis, Feburary 2014
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Spectacular weddings, petal toss, shelby, Erica de Lachica, Eric Zehnder, Feburary 2014
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News, Shelby, Spectacular Weddings, petal toss, Emily Robinson, Zach Asmus February 2014
Photo by Mike Carr Photography

It seems the days of tossing raw rice at the departing bride and groom are long gone. And many would say with good riddance. No more worries about rice grains hitting the eye or lodging down one's décolletage.

Alexis and Dave Maloney receives their shower of petals on the dance floor at the St. Regis Hotel where their reception was held. Schwartz & Woodward handled all the details for the couple.

Schwartz & Woodward wedding planners, a favorite among Indian couples as well as Texas brides, arranged for the colorful petal toss on the dance floor at the Bayou Bend wedding of Thara and Vikram Bala. 

Following the marriage of Jamie Rose Grossbard and Panagiotis "Takis" Kopulos  at St. Basil the Great Greek Orthodox Church, the celebrants moved on to Lakeside Country Club where the multi-denominational reception included everything from Greek dancing to the traditional Jewish horah

As they headed off to catch a plane for their honeymoon in Italy, the couple was showered with golden autumn leaves. After all, it was October.


As Katy Mayell and Mathew Ellis departed their stunning wedding at River Oaks Country Club, they were "pelted" with white rose petals by their young friends, who partied late into the night.

Both the wedding ceremony and the reception were held at the country club where Sky Rocket and a late-night breakfast kept the partygoers rocking into the wee hours. Erika Mannke of  Events & Designs by Erika arranged for a midnight breakfast for the revelers.

It was a gentle shower of pastel-hued rose petals for Erica de Lachica and Eric Zehnder as they headed out from their wedding reception at Houston Country Club. 

Foral designer Mark Miller and Events & Design by Erika, made sure that every detail was perfection.

Emily Robinson and Zach Asmus, on leave from his military stint in Japan, were wed in the Meadow beneath the venerable oaks on the grounds of The Houstonian.

The reception followed inside the hotel and club, which made for the perfect exit strategy. And as is tradition, the petals rained down on the newlyweds.