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Thanksgiving green bean casserole with french fried onions
A Thanksgiving meal is really about the side dishes, like a crunchy green bean and French fried onion casserole. TasteSpotting.com
Thanksgiving stuffing dressing
Call it stuffing, call it dressing, call it whatever you want, but just don’t call me to the table without it. PlainvilleFarms.com
turkey and dressing stuffing frittata in a skillet
You can also create frittatas using stuffing for a yummy leftover the next morning. FoodNetwork.com
News_pie_pumpkin pie
Even though I’ll be dining out, I’ll still pick up a few sides for leftover. Pumpkin pie is on the list Courtesy photo
Bloody Mary olives celery hot sauce
’ll just stick with the stuffing hash and a regular mimosa or Bloody Mary come Friday morning. Chow.com